Container equipment is an international maritime standard equipment, invented by Malcolm Mclean (American in 1935 in New Jersey).

Container equipment structure includes an extremely strong stainless steel frame, walls, roof and floor. Using intermodal dry van and special purpose cargo containers, including any generator sets or cooling units used with refrigerated containers, and any related spare parts, and any substitutions, additions or replacements for, to or of any of such items

Depending on the transportation needs, there are many types of containers with different sizes to serve each type of separate goods. Multimodal-transport containers used on different modes of transport without the need to unpack or unload the goods.

1. Container Types:
DC: Dry Container
GP: General Purpose
ST/SD: Standard

This is the basics for dry containert, in short writing is 20’DC/GP or 40’DC/GP.
The height 8ft 6in (2,6m), Used to pack dry, heavy, small volume goods such as rice, flour, cement, iron, steel...

HC: High Cube
This container height 9ft 6in (2,9m), specialized for packing goods of large size or large volume. Suitable for office, container house.

RE: Reefer
Specialized for transporting cold goods, cool goods.
The floor are composed of 3 layers. The outermost layer uses aluminum or stainless steel material, the middle is a 60mm thick PU insulation layer with a high compression ratio, and the innermost layer is a stainless steel layer with hardened wave stamping.

OT: Open Top
Open-top container that cargo will be loaded and unloaded through the roof. The roof of the container will be covered with tarpaulin. This unit type is specialized for transporting machinery and equipment.

FR: Flat Rack
This type container with no walls, no roof, only a floor. This container has two front and back walls, which can be fixed, folded down or disassembled. Used specializing for transporting heavy goods, carrying OOG (Out Of Gauge) 

2. Signs In Front Door:

3. Container Dimension:

Interior dimension of container
Container Type Length (m) Width (m) Height (m) Volume (m3)
Container 20 feet 5.898 2.352 2.395 33.2 m3
Container 20 feet reefer 5.485 2.286 2.265 28.4 m3
Container 40 feet dry 12.032 2.350 2.392 67.6 m3
Container 40 feet hight 12.023 2.352 2.698 76.3 m3
Container 40 feet reefer 11.572 2.296 2.521 67.0 m3

Exterior dimention container:
Container 20 feet: Length 6,060m; Wide 2,440m; Height 2,590m
Container 40 feet: Length 12,190m; Wide 2,440m; Height 2,590m
Container 45 feet: Length 13,716m; Wide 2,500m; Height 2,896m



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