Goodwill Logistics


The greatest joy at work is to create more values through the logistics service chain, and contribute to the customer success. By doing so, it also helps spread values and introduce other partners and customers to us.


What is logistics? And what kind of logistic service does Goodwill provide?

Logistics includes warehousing, transportation and distribution services to support a company’s supply chain when shipping products from location A to B. Logistics companies provide transportation and service options. They provide continuous management for all or some of the areas of their customers’ transportation needs.

At Goodwill, we provide ecommerce logistic services, freight domestic and international. We consult on your supply chain and value-added services to help improve the way you run your efficiency every day. See details of our services here.

What is the difference between Goodwill logistics and others?

Goodwill logistics is a modern logistics and consulting business. Therefore, Goodwill is able to provide the most efficient and reliable solution that will optimize cost and time for you in the international and Vietnamese markets. With our large network of logistic partners, and along with our smart technology, we will be able to save you time in logistics and help you spend more time on other important jobs and businesses. Find out more about us here.

Can Goodwill Logistics solve shipping tax problems?

As part of international freight and e-commerce logistics, we provide tax services, including tax calculation and customs clearance on behalf of our customers

How long has Goodwill Logistics been in operation?

Goodwill Logistics has been in operation since August 2020 with high quality and experienced human resources. We aim to become one of the leading logistics service providers in Vietnam.